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Stéphane is Alexandre's brother. He made his acting début in Duo. Mis outstanding performance astonished everyone at thé première. Several talent agents are already very interested in him. Since then, Stephan has been attending thé Bethesda acting studio, near Washington, DC. He might also appear on "Nickelodeon" sometime this year. Needless to say he is on top of thé list for thé lead part of thé feature version of Duo, if it gets produced.
"Stephan doesn't hâve a head shot, a résume or an agent yet, but he was born to be a star.
He's always been thé star in my family."

- Alexandre Ginnsz.
Eden is without a doubt one of thé most talented young actress today. She was six when she got thé part of "Young Cosette" in Les M/serab/es' first national tour. She then played that part on thé Broadway production for three years. In 1992, Eden embarked on thé SS Norway as a featured performer in thé shows Meef me in Sf. Lou/s and Sea/egs Goes fo Hollywood. She was called back to New York to play one of "Will's Kids" on The Will Rogers Fo///es. Other theater work includes lead rôles in Losf and Found (Circle Rep Théâtre Lab), Now and Then (Sanford Meisner Théâtre), The T/de (Open Eye: New Stagings), Sp/ff/ng Image (The Forum), and L/ff/e Mafch G/ri (Musical Workshop).
In addition to her theatrical pursuits, Eden still finds time for télévision programming, commercials and feature films. A partial list of crédits includes a recurring rôle on As me World Turns, a regular spot on Conan O'Brien, Safurday N/ghf L/Ve, feature films such as thé Frog K/ng (recently shown at thé Sundance International Festival), and thé part of Aidan in A/dan In fhe Land of Oppos/fes (National Géographie). She is thé regular announcer for USA Network, she sings thé Sésame Sfreef thème, and she is a featured soloist on thé new CD release Broadway K/ds S/ng Broadway, in addition to being a backup singer on Michael Jackson's H/sfory /. She recently guest starred on thé National télévision séries New York Undercover. She will be featured on thé upcoming DreamWorks animated motion picture Prince of Êgypf (by Steven Spielberg).
Tyler is a very talented young actor from Washington D.C. He played thé part of "Victor Helms
Jr." (principal) in Homicide: Life on fhe Sfreef, épisode #20, The Gas Mon" (NBC).

In theater, Tyler played thé part of'Tom Sawyer" on Tom and Huck, thé part of "Luis" on Wesf S/de Sfory (Walkersville Players), and a number of lead parts in Keynote Dinner Theater productions such as "Angie" in Gypsy.