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Irène started playing thé violin when she was eight. At twelve, she had already played in public several times, in concert halls such as thé "Salle Gaveau" in Paris. Mr. Robert Casadessus encouraged her to start a violin career, and presented hier to Mrs. Une Talluel, thé teacher of Ginette Neveu. For thé next three years, Line prepared Irène for thé Paris National Conservatory.
At fifteen, Irène entered thé Paris National Conservatory. She remained soloist at thé Conservatory Orchestra for ail three years, working with conductors such as Serge Celibidache, Manuel Rosenthal, and Pierre Dervaux.
After thé conservatory, Irène became first violin in both thé Paris Philharmonie Orchestra and thé Pasdeloup Symphonie Orchestra, where she played thé première of a composition by Stockhausen. After a couple of years, Irène was selected to play Beethoven's and Mozart's Concerto as a soloist with thé Pasdeloup Symphonie Orchestra.
Irene's career became international when she toured in Germany, playing chamber music, and when she followed her husband to Iran, and became First Violin at both thé Opéra and thé Symphonie Orchestra of Téhéran.
When Irène moved to Washington, D.C., in 1975, Alexandre was just born. Irène felt that she might hâve to quit thé violin for a while. In addition, she did not hâve a green card to work in thé Washington National Symphonie Orchestra.
Irène started working on her own again last year, building a new repertory, and playing in thé soundtrack of Alexandre's previous film 8/ood Red Sky. Last summer, Irène finally won a green card at thé annual "Green Card Lpttery". She received thé card at thé end of March, and played thé U.S. première of Donfzeti's Poliuto Opéra with thé Washington Camerata Orchestra in May. A new career is beginning!
Stéphanie is a 16-year-old pianist, member of thé Honors Program at thé Levine School of Music in Washington, D.C. She was awarded thé first prize at thé Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association Solo Compétition (intermediate level) and thé second prize at thé 1996 Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association Concerto Compétition (advanced level). She also attended thé 1995 Aspen Music Festival.