Affiliate Program(s)

Duo, The Official Movie Store

The official Duo, the Movie store has been down ever since someone sabotaged its database over a year ago. It is still under repair. The commission was, and will sill be 15% once the store gets back up on its feet,. Associate Program

Duo is available at and has the most popular affiliate program on the internet. All you have to do is sign up for their Associate Program, and create an affiliate link to the Duo DVD product page (the ASIN for the DVD of Duo is B00062N6G2). To join, go to:
"" Affiliate Program

Duo is also available on, which has an affiliate program managed by Commission Junction. If you don't already have a CJ publisher account, you must sign up one. Go to "" and click on the link at the bottom of the page.. Once you're in the CJ network, apply to eBay's program. If you are acceped, create a link to the Duo DVD product page on eBay.

Cafepress Affiliate Program

Cafepress makes some of Duo's accessories, like T-shirts, sweaters, posters, prints, mugs, stickers, etc... You can join their affiliate program, and promote some of these products. You will get 15% of every sale you generate through one of your links. Cafepress is also managed by Commission Junction, so you must join CJ's network as a publisher first. For more information, please go to "".