Jon Furmanski, D.P.

Director of Photography Jonathan Furmanski won the "Wasserman Award for Best Cinematography" for his outstanding work in Duo.

Another director of photography had been hired to shoot Duo at least one month prior to the shoot. But after visiting all the locations and looking at the script, he realized that this project was too big for him, A few days before the beginning of the shoot, he dropped out of the project. This was nothing short of a disaster: no director of photography and only 3 days left before the shoot. At this point, Alex felt this might be the end of his project. Realistically, it should have been.

But Alex wasn't quite ready to give up yet. He called one of his friends, a producer, who recommended Jon Furmanski. Alex called Jon 3 days before the film shoot. Jon was working on another film then but when Alex told him about the story, Jon asked him to fax him the screenplay. A few hours later, Jon agreed to shoot Duo. And so, without visiting any locations, which included hard to light places such as the concert hall and wide shots in the night requiring massive lights, with no experience working with special children, and an insane schedule of 18 hours a day (thanks again to NYU's greediness), Jon managed to produce images which exceeded Alex's expectations. No wonder Jon has been very busy since filming Duo. You should definitely check out his film and video reel on his website. Impressive stuff!

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