1996 Press Kit archive: DIST. PLAN

Duo is a love story where music brings a young boy with Down Syndrome and a young violinist together. It is a film about children, but it also questions the role of their parents. This is why both children and adults can identify with it. Filled with timeless music by Paganini and Rachmaninov, Duo is a film that can reach a very wide audience.

Since Duo was voted best short screenplay in its NYU production class. It has received a lot of attention from students, faculty members, and top industry professionals from ICM, William Morris, etc... Alexandre Ginnsz received the "Warner Bros. Pictures film Production Award" and the "Martin Scorsese Award" to support the production and completion of Duo.

Duo is the type of program that any television station is looking for. Alexandre has already contacted Canal+, in France, and Crystal Sky Communications, in Los Angeles. They all showed great interest in the film, and are currently waiting for a video copy of it. Other potential buyers in Europe include TF1, France 2, France 3 (in France), Arte (in France and Germany), Première (in Germany) and Channel 4 (in the United Kingdom). In the United States, the film could be shown on cable stations such as Bravo or the Independent Channel, or as an "after school special" on PBS.

To help this release, as well as a possible theatrical release, Duo will be submitted to several international film festivals such as Sundance, Venice, Cannes, Berlin, London, or any other event where it can be seen by distributors, TV stations, the press, and the public.

Given the combination of Jon Furmanski's breathtaking cinematography, Irène Ginnsz's brilliant musical performance, a unique cast, and a very moving and original story, Duo is an entertaining film with an important message. There is no doubt it will reach a very wide and diverse audience.